Search Render Python Module

This is the render object for the search interface.

class pacifica.policy.search_render.LimitedSizeDict(*args, **kwds)[source]

Limited caching dictionary.


Get the item and put it back so it’s on top.

__init__(*args, **kwds)[source]

Constructor for caching dictionary.

__setitem__(key, value)[source]

Set item foo[key] = value.


Function to set the item and remove old ones.

class pacifica.policy.search_render.SearchRender[source]

Search render class to contain methods.


list of weak references to the object (if defined)

classmethod generate(obj_cls, objs, trans_ids=False, render_release=False)[source]

generate the institution object.

classmethod get_groups_from_instrument(inst_id)[source]

Get the list of groups from an instrument.

classmethod get_institutions_from_user(user_id)[source]

Get an institution list based on user id.

classmethod get_obj_by_id(obj, obj_id)[source]

Get the user from metadata and put it in cache.

classmethod get_prop_release(prop_id)[source]

Get the proposal release from transactions on that prop.

classmethod get_trans_doi(trans_id)[source]

Get the transaction doi and return false or doi.

classmethod get_trans_kvp(trans_id)[source]

Get the transaction key value pairs.

classmethod get_trans_release(trans_id)[source]

Get the transaction release and return true/false.

classmethod get_transactions_from_groups(group_id)[source]

Get a list of instruments for a group.

classmethod get_transactions_from_institutions(inst_id)[source]

Get a list of transactions from an institution.

classmethod get_transactions_from_instruments(inst_id)[source]

Get a list of transactions for a instrument.

classmethod get_transactions_from_proposals(prop_id)[source]

Get a list of transactions for a proposal.

classmethod get_transactions_from_science_theme(science_theme)[source]

Get a list of transactions for a science theme.

classmethod get_transactions_from_users(user_id)[source]

Get a list of transactions for a user.

classmethod get_user_release(user_id)[source]

Get the user release from transactions on that prop.

classmethod merge_get_args(get_args)[source]

Change a hash of get args and global get args into string for url.

classmethod render(obj_cls, obj, trans_ids=False, render_release=False)[source]

Render the instrument object hash.

classmethod render_science_theme(obj, trans_ids=False)[source]

Render the science theme as an object…


Render the transaction release attribute.


Figure out the access url for the transaction.


Return true if the transaction has a doi otherwise false.


Render the instrument groups for a transaction.


Render the institutions for a transaction.


Render the instruments for a transaction.


Generate a list of key value pairs for transaction.


Render the proposals for a transaction.


Render the transaction release attribute.


Render the science theme from a proposal.


Render the users list for transactions.

pacifica.policy.search_render.transsip_transsap_render(trans_obj, render_func, obj_cls, trans_key)[source]

Wrapper method to handle transaction relationships.


Render the transaction release attribute.